Located in the heart of Beirut, CANDYFORNIA STUDIO is a multidisciplinary creative studio founded by Ryan Houssari. The space, like the vision, is hyperreal, boosting traditional Lebanese interiors from the 19th century juxtaposed with a modern take on CMYK. Candyfornia wants to “create fairytales for grownups”. By adapting to each client with a new design approach, the studio creates visual concepts for photoshoots, films, events, exhibitions for all types of businesses.


candyfornia-office-design--800x552 candyfornia-office-design-BlueRoom1-800x533 candyfornia-office-design-BlueRoom2-800x879 candyfornia-office-design-CafeWHO-copy-800x800 candyfornia-office-design-CandyRoamBoard-800x533 candyfornia-office-design-DesignBoard-800x800 candyfornia-office-design-DesignRoom1-800x810 candyfornia-office-design-Hall4-800x600