Fashion Illustrators With Gorgeous, Stylish Works You Should Follow On Instagram


Image via Kerrie Hess Illustrator

If you’re an illustrator or someone who appreciates the beauty of a stylish sketch, this list of 12 fashion illustrators to follow by BuzzFeed should provide some inspiration.

Among the illustrators featured are Briton Hayden Williams, known for his drawings of celebrities at the Met Gala, and Australian Kerrie Hess, who does dreamy, watercolor paintings for big names like Louis Vuitton and Chanel.

Check out some beautiful creations below and view the full list of illustrators here.

Image via Hayden Williams

Image via Megan Hess

Image via @ponyy_boyy/

Image via Rongrong DeVoe|杜蓉蓉
Image via Katie Rodgers[via BuzzFeed, images via various Instagram users]