German artist Markus Linnenbrink’s colorful capital is loaded in the form of stripes across the walls and floors in his most recent installation “Off the wall!”, shown at the gallery Kunsthalle in Nuremberg, Germany.

The exhibition stimulates intensely as the stripes are both painted in an octagonal and rectangular plan.

The Brooklyn-based artist is known for his site-specific installations which depict both the scientific and psychological impacts of colors.  The way Linnenbrink uses the room as canvas gives the observer a feeling of being a part of the art itself.

linnenbrink_art_09-600x300 linnenbrink_art_06-600x450 linnenbrink_art_05-600x450 linnenbrink_art_04-600x450 Linnenbrink_art_03-600x450 linnenbrink_art_02-600x450 Linnenbrink_art_01-600x450 linnenberg_art_08 linnenberg_art_07-600x450

To see more visit www.markuslinnenbrink.com