Props by Jessica Dance

Jessica Dance is an Art Director, Model Maker & Prop Stylist, specialized in creating handcrafted models, props and sets. By bringing my playful imagination to areas of fashion, editorial, interiors, film and animation, she creates tactile and inviting solutions to a brief. It’s no wonder her skills have been put to use by brands like Selfridges, Topshop, Google, Mulberry, and Vogue to name a few.

jessica_dance_knitted_Bull_trendland-01 jessica_dance_knitted_cheese_trendland-01-800x461 knitted_calulator_jessica_dance_prop-designer-trendland paper_sandwich_jessicadance_prop-stylist-trendland prop_stylist_jessicadance_trendland prop-stylist-jessica-dance-photo-victoria-ling prop-stylist-jessica-dance-photo-victoria-ling-2 Turkey_knitted_jessicadance_prop-stylist-trendland

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