We recently feature the beautiful work of Spanish artist Rocio Montoya, and since then she has created a series of beauties she called,The Island, for us.

Using symbolic elements from nature the series portrays surreal “human landscapes”. The woman is the island.

Rocio-Montoya-collages-exclusive-trendland-6-750x1130 Rocio-Montoya-collages-exclusive-trendland-5-750x1130 Rocio-Montoya-collages-exclusive-trendland-3-750x1130 Rocio-Montoya-collages-exclusive-trendland-2 Rocio-Montoya-collages-exclusive-trendland-1-750x1130


Photography and collages: Rocío Montoya

Styling, make up and hair: CORE

Model: Yanka Sedikova @ Models Division

Light: Alejandro Bazal

Total looks: Zara